Gigatum Jsc, which was established in 2013, is a leading technology company in the field of O2O (Online to Offline), with more than 40 excellent, enthusiastic and experienced people in many fields.

Gigatum owns Clingme application – an interesting app on IoS/ Android based on powerful mobile commerce platform and has variety of outstanding features. Expecially, in Vietnam, it is only Clingme app that helps consumers to shop and receive money through cashback up to 40%.

Clingme move towards to connect more than 40 million smartphone users to more than 3 million retail stores nationwide.

For consumers, Clingme aims to build a smart, healthy shopping community with a wide range of superior features right on their phones.

For retailers, Clingme is a new and excellent channel for sales and customer care. When coroperating with Clingme, partners will turn each smartphone into a dedicated salesman, which understand each customer.

At Clingme, we believe the single biggest determinant is the culture. Not how much people earn or what their titles are. But how they feel at the end of every day.
From potluck lunches and “Beers - Bia hơi" Parties to Football Matches, at Clingme, the employees work hard and party harder!
But most importantly, we follow 3 basic tenets:


No matter who you are, how much you earn, what your title is, where you studied, what you look like, how you talk or the clothes you wear - you will be respected.


As an organisation, we never fake perfection. People will always see things broken around them. During such times, we raise our hands and fix those issues. We never say “it’s not my job”.


Every single individual is measured only on his/her performance. And performance is not output. It’s outcome. It’s not what you were supposed to do (output). It’s what you were meant to achieve (outcome).


Beers in a pack


Guys in a football match


Workday per week


Fun things to do

Head Office

  •   8 Unit 8 Floor TNR Building,
  •         54A Nguyen Chi Thanh,
  •         Dong Da, Ha Noi


  •   Ground Floor, Sai Gon Finance Center
  •         9 Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao,
  •         County 1, Ho Chi Minh city


  •   093 461 0125
  • ceo@gigatum.com
  • clingme.vn